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Prospective Tenants

Subsidized Housing

Affordable Housing

Our portfolio consists of subsidized and affordable rentals for low to moderate income individuals, couples, seniors and families. The application for subsidized units is through The Housing Registry.  The application for affordable units is through our office.

All prospective tenants are required to go through income verification to ensure they meet the specific building criteria.

  • Our buildings are operated according to National Occupancy Standards:
  • There shall be no more than 2 or less than 1 person per bedroom.
  • Spouses and couples share a bedroom.
  • Parents do not share a bedroom with children.
  • Dependents aged 18 or more do not share a bedroom.
  • Dependents aged 5 or more of opposite sex do not share a bedroom.

The following guidelines are used when applying the National Occupancy Standards:

  • In recognition of a variety of co-parenting arrangements, a dependent child who resides with their parent(s) a minimum of 40 per cent of the time will qualify as a permanent member of the household when determining eligibility and appropriate unit size.
  • Single applicants (seniors or people with disabilities) are eligible to apply for bachelor and one-bedroom units.
  • Couples (two individuals) are only eligible to apply for one-bedroom units, as they would be under-housed in a bachelor unit.
  • To maximize the use of limited one-bedroom units, priority for available one-bedroom units is generally applied as follows:
    • Couples
    • Single applicants with a documented medical need for a one-bedroom unit
    • All other single applicants

How To Apply for Subsidized Housing

Greater Victoria Housing Society selects tenants from the Housing Registry.  To be considered for one of our units you need an active file with BC Housing.  You can apply to BC Housing online or print off an application form located below the “Paper application process” header about half way down the page on the BC Housing webpage and mail or drop it off to:

Housing Registry
301 – 3440 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8Z 3L5

If you need an application mailed to you or need help completing the application contact Housing Registry at 1-800-257-7756

When you are being considered for a unit with Greater Victoria Housing Society we will contact you directly for more information.  To keep your file up to date you should contact BC Housing every 5 to 6 months.

How To Apply for Affordable Rental Housing

Greater Victoria Housing Society advertises current vacancies on our website as well as on UsedVictoria, Craigslist, and/or Kijiji.  To enquire about a unit you can call 250-384-3434 to set an appointment to view it.  After the viewing an application form can be filled out and returned to our office:

By hand – 2326 Government Street, Victoria, BC V8T 5G5

By fax – 250-386-3434

By email – [email protected]

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