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About Us

Founded in 1956, the Greater Victoria Housing Society is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing affordable rental housing for low-to-moderate income families, seniors, working singles, and adults with diverse abilities who live independently.

We believe that safe and affordable housing is essential to a person’s well-being and a foundation for success in life. We imagine a community where everyone feels at home, where everyone has a home.

Our Mission

GVHS manages and creates quality affordable rental homes, contributing to thriving communities.

Our Goals

To provide high quality, safe, affordable rental housing.
To maintain our existing housing to the highest standard.
To respond to the need for affordable housing by improving, growing and expanding to meet the housing needs we see in our region.

"I’m on disability and without the society my life would be incredibly less stable. It allows me some semblance of stability and security, having a home to myself. This is the most profound result of the society, people on the margins having a home they can afford."