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Tony Payne

Tony Payne
Tony Payne, Director

Tony arrived in Victoria a year ago to join British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) as Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation. BCI is a leading provider of investment management services for British Columbia’s public sector and one of the largest asset managers in Canada. Prior to this appointment he had 20+ years of experience in Information Technology, Audit, Finance and Business Operations in the private and public sectors, primarily in Alberta, Canada.

Originally from South Africa, Tony enjoys outdoor living, camping, wine, cricket and is passionate about rugby, which he started playing at age 7 and still plays for the masters (+35) league.

Tony joined the GVHS because of his interest in giving back to the community, and to use his past experiences both as professional career and as a board member to help steer a respected organization, GVHS to further its vision. Being a good neighbor and contributor helps everyone in the community. And this is a way to help the wider community and individuals.

As a relative newcomer to Victoria, Tony really appreciates the scenery, the local artistic flare, restaurants, and the fresh ocean view and smell.