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Luke Biles

Luke Biles
Luke Biles, Treasurer

Luke is a Business Advisor to the private sector. He has been a MNP team member for 4 years and his career in accounting and finance spans 10 years. Luke has worn many interesting hats over the years, including radio host, providing recreational therapy to autistic children, being a member of the First Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Financial Controller of a start-up company that now trades on public markets. Luke is also a skydiver and horror movie afficionado.

Moving from Newfoundland to British Columbia was an eye-opener with respect to cost of living. Lukes feels extremely fortunate to have been able to get a post-secondary education and find work in the financial sector. Supporting Greater Victoria Housing Society gives Luke the opportunity to use his privilege in a meaningful and beneficial way to support our local community.

Luke’s favorite thing about the GVHS community is how immediately clear it is that everyone within it cares so much. It’s evident in the way that the team talks, acts, and conducts themselves overall. He is proud to be part of something that supports the Greater Victoria region in making this wonderful place to live accessible to others.